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the world is ever changing

snippets of my thoughts and ideas

15 July 1982
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acid, adventures, agent cooper, alejandro jodorowsky, androgyny, animal rights, anime, art, astrology, autumn, bands, battle royale, biting, black and white stripes, black cats, blackula, bluegrass, books on magick, bruce haack, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, cancer 69, candy, cherry wine, chocolate, climbing trees, creepy trees, cuddling, d&d figures, dancing, david lynch, dead can dance, devo, drag kings, drag queens, dragons, drawing, drizzt do'urden, drum n' bass, erotica, euphoria, exploring the world, fairies, fan fiction, fantasy, festivals, flcl, flea markets, friendly people, fun, furries, fuzzy things, gaming, gay manga, ghost hunters, ghosts, goth chicks, green and black, halloween, happy hardcore, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, hentai, hinduism, hippies, horror movies, horror novels, hugs, hunters moon, john waters, johnny depp, kandie, kinski, kissing, kittens, kluas, krishna, life experience, lilacs, lillies, live music, lloyd kaufman, loki, lord of the rings, love, ma kali, magick, manga, masturbation, meditation, music, mythical creatures, native american folklore, nature, norse mythology, nostalgia, paint, pills, plur, psychedelics, psychobilly, psytrance, puppies, rainbows, ravers, relaxing, riding bikes, road trips, rockabilly, sarcasm, scary stories, sex, shadow people, shamanism, shape-shifters, shinny things, silver foxes, solitude, spirit guides, spooky things, spring, stephen king books, strange dreams, suicide girls, tattoos, the cosmos, the full moon, the night time, the occult, the ocean, the supernatural, the unexplained, theater, totem animals, tribal dancing, vampire hunter d, video games, walking, water dog, weird movies, were-creatures, were-wolves, wolves, women, writing, yoga